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Xian Herbs, LLC

We are always asked about the origin of our name. Xian (pronounced SHE-en) is a Mandarin word made up of two Chinese characters: The first is the symbol for mountain and the second is a symbol for man or person. So together the word means the person in the mountains and those individuals were thought to be the enlightened immortals. Xian Herbs is located in Frisco, Colorado at the elevation of 9,075 feet above sea level, so a high-mountain name seemed to be fitting for our herb company.


Kevin Waldron, MSAOM, L.Ac.

Kevin, a graduate of Bastyr University, is the owner of Xian Herbs, LLC.  He prescribes and creates custom herbal Chinese blends to naturally heal and balance whatever might be ailing you. Kevin is a highly skilled acpupuncturist with 15 years of experience caring for his patients using a variety of ancient proven methods – drawn from his studies in China – to care for his clients. 

Kevin is an outdoor enthusiast who uses his experience in both nature and in medicine to further his passion for helping people. His deep insight and caring nature will create an experience that is truly unique to his practice.