Custom Herbal Supplements

custom herbal supplements

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Everyone is Unique.

Your Supplements Should Be Too.

We are much more that just an herbal manufacturer and distributor. In addition to our growing inventory of traditional Chinese proprietary herbal blends, we offer customized services and products.

The traditional Chinese medical system is a very complex form of differential diagnostics and treatment that dates back more than 3000 years. This unique medical system not only looks at the cause and treatment of disease, but also takes into account the body’s constitution as a whole. The main premise of traditional Chinese medicine is to find and treat the individual cause of illness and imbalance, in order to bring the health issue to resolution.

Through our new Virtual Comprehensive Herbal Consultations, we are able to adhere to the standards of traditional Chinese medicine, and craft an herbal formula to fit your unique medical conditions and health requirements. 


How Does It Work?

In order to craft your custom formula, we conduct an in-depth intake process. After completing a thorough online questionnaire, we conduct a virtual interview that may be done over FaceTime, Skype, or the phone. Afterwards, we make a deferential traditional Chinese medical diagnosis and formulate, encapsulate, and ship a customized 200-capsule formula to you.

Every two weeks, you will receive a follow-up questionnaire, so we can track your progress and modify treatment as needed. Follow-up virtual consultations are also available, as needed.

virtual medicine


  • The consultation includes an extensive online questionnaire, followed by 30-45 minutes virtual consultation done over the phone, Skype or FaceTime.
  • You will receive your customized Chinese herbal formula within a week.
  • No nasty-tasting tea or vile tincture consumption is necessary with our products. All our herbal formulas are in encapsulated pills for easy taking.
  • After your initial consultation, we will follow up with you via an online questionnaire to track you progress.
  • Virtual follow-up consultations are also available if needed.
  • Your formula will be modified as needed throughout the process.