Natural Remedies for Treating Joint Pain and Inflammation

Anti-inflammatory Supplements

Turmeric when combined with complementary medicinal herbs work just as good, if not better, than over the counter anti inflammatories.

When looking for natural remedies for joint pain and inflammation, turmeric root is considered to be on the the strongest natural anti inflammatory. It is now common knowledge that turmeric is affective in treating both chronic and acute inflammation and pain, however not all turmeric anti inflammatory supplement are the same.

In order to enhance the benefits of turmeric, additional herbs can be taken in conjunction. When turmeric is combined with black pepper, it dramatically increases the bioavailability of the herb. An additional herb which complements the ani-inflammatory affects of turmeric is ginger. Ginger not only helps the inflammation, it can help with the digestion and absorption of the turmeric.

Natural Anti-inflammatory

Another powerful herbal anti-inflammatory and pain killer is corydalis root which has been used for thousands of year in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat pain and inflammation. The effectiveness of this anti-inflammatory supplement has been verified with modern research.

When turmeric is combined with these synergistic herbal companions, they can not only work as well as over the counter products, but they are void of all side effects. Secondly, these natural anti inflammatories are not harmful even with long term usage. As a side note, these particular medicinal herbs also have positive cardiovascular and digestive benefits.

It is easy to see now that not all anti inflammatory turmeric products are the same and when combined with specific synergistic herbal ingredient, will greatly increase its therapeutic benefits.

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