Herbal Remedies for Respiratory Issues

Ancient methods for using herbal remedies in the modern medical age

Respiratory support supplements

With cold and flu season once again upon us, it’s time to look for tools and techniques to defend ourselves naturally in order to maintain optimum heath throughout the winter. Respiratory infections can waylay even the healthiest, and respiratory support supplements and herbal remedies can help boost the immune system, or lessen the effects of the infection when avoiding it is impossible.

The market place is full of a myriad of fasts, diets and products that are largely fueled by trends and gimmicks that come and go over time. The marketing approach has led us to believe that the “latest greatest thing” is always on the cutting edge of the best solution to solving this problem. This can lead the consumer who seeks to find a more natural approach to immune support and treatment of subclinical respiratory infections, down a frustrating and sometimes expensive false road.

Instead of looking to the latest and greatest trend, how about we look to the herbal remedies and techniques that have withstood the test of time?

All medical remedies or interventions should be based on effectiveness and not on clever marketing. There are ancient herbal remedies and techniques that have been used for thousands of years and this longevity has withstood not because of gimmicks and clever marketing. They have survived because they deliver consistent reproducible and predictable results. One of the oldest medical models in the world is traditional Chinese medicine. This medicine has been practiced for thousands of years and due to its consistent positive results in maintaining health and treating disease. One of the areas of healthcare that herbal remedies have excelled in is the prevention and treatment of respiratory infections. They recognized thousands of years ago that these illnesses were caused by external pathogenic factors. This is quite impressive due to the fact that germ theory was not proposed in the west till 1546 and confirmation wasn’t made till 1762.

herbal remedies for respiratory problems

Our Method of Formulation

Almost all traditional herbal remedies are composed by a complex method of formulation. It is very rare to only take a single herb instead, formulations typically comprised of three to 18 individual herbs. This multi-pronged approach is one of the advantages that this type of formulating. A single formula for an upper respiratory infection will contain herbs that are antiviral and/or antibacterial and will also contain herbs that are decongestants, pain herbs to address body aches and others that support lung health. This holistic approach gives this formulation method a huge advantage over other competing herbal approaches.

Winter Survival Kit

With staying inline with the traditional Chinese medical approach, there are three big hitters when it comes to dealing with the respiratory issues and the winter cold and flu season. First you need to set up a protection in order to prevent illness. Yu Ping Feng San aka Jade Wind Screen Powder is a classic formula used as a daily immune enhancer. This formula is designed to prevent and not treat upper respiratory infection. If an infection does ensue, this product needs to be discontinued and we need to change to a formula more appropriate for addressing the actual pathogen and the symptoms it creates. Yin Qiao Bai Du San aka Honeysuckle and Forsythia Powder is best and most wide spectrum formula to address the initial symptoms of early stage colds and flus. If taken early, it can prevent the pathogen from progressing to a deeper and longer lasting illness. Then in the event that the initial infection was not terminated in the early stage and progresses the chest and sinuses Qing Qi Hua Tang Wan aka Clear the Air and Phlegm Pill is taken. This formula very strong antibacterial herbs as well and very effective decongestions. In all this trio of formulas we have made an obstacle course of navigating the winter crud into a much easier and healthier path.

When shopping for respiratory support supplements or herbal remedies for respiratory problems, it is a much better approach to look to methods and techniques that have survived the test of time by producing reproducible and predictable results of effectiveness instead of going with products that are based on clever marketing and trends.

Here are three of our top herbal remedies for respiratory issues. 


Herbal supplements respiratory issues
herbal supplements for respiratory support
herbal supplements for respiratory support


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